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Candace Cameron Bure and Matthew West are releasing a new album this month

Candace Cameron Bure and Matthew West are releasing a new album this month

Christian music star Matthew West details collaborating with Candace Cameron Bure on ‘Come Home for Christmas’

Candace Cameron Bure’s music may be known for “jazz and rock,” but it’s her ability to turn classic songs in to modern works that sets a new standard in what makes a great Christmas song.

For the last ten years, she’s collaborated with Matthew West on four holiday albums. (The pair met on Facebook in 2008 and became friends through mutual friends.) Now, the two are teaming up again, and their next album, which they’ll release this month, is called “Come Home for Christmas.”

“This one was a challenge,” West says. “We have to go in like a modern artist and do our own thing, but also try to incorporate the way that Candace does with classic Christmas songs.”

West says one of the challenges for him was finding songs that had never been tackled by Christmas music artists. One of his favorite Christmas songs is “Jingle Bell Rock,” written in the 1970s by Billy Murray, and then covered by many artists, from Mary J. Blige to John Lennon. West and Cameron Bure have chosen songs that they both love, but they’re also choosing songs that will be great for their fans.

“So we’re going to go really far out on the edge there with a ’60s-influenced sound, and there’s no limits,” Cameron Bure says. “A lot of our fans are going to love this.”

Matthew West says the album is full of “brilliant songs.”

“It’s a combination of old traditional Christmas songs with a contemporary sound,” West says. “We wanted to be as adventurous with it as possible.”

The album comes out on Nov. 5, but you can listen to it now right here in this radio spot.


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