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Carry It On: Transgender Women and Women Who Identify as Transgender

Carry It On: Transgender Women and Women Who Identify as Transgender

Buffy Sainte-Marie shines despite sabotage in new documentary ‘Carry It On’

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The film, which examines the lives of 13 transgender women and women who identify as transgender and gender non-conforming, has been screened at more than 12 locations worldwide, including Seattle’s Seattle Asian Film Festival, where the movie opened Friday night, and San Francisco’s Castro Theatre.

Carry It On, whose title is a nod to the musical about LGBT rights that earned Academy Award winners for Best Original Song and Best Original Screenplay in 1998, has been on Netflix since 2014, and was recently picked up for a second season, with a new episode to premiere in April.

The project was created by director and writer Jodie Foster, who won an Academy Award for writing and directing It’s a Wonderful Life in 1988.

The documentary also features a cast of transgender, gender non-conforming, bisexual, lesbian, gay, HIV-positive, undocumented and formerly-incarcerated women who have worked together, fought for each other, and created a community that has helped each other thrive while dealing with trauma and discrimination throughout their lives.

One of the movie’s main characters, “Aunt Edna,” fought to make the film and is a “self-proclaimed transgender, who uses the pronouns they/them as opposed to lady/lady,” according to the film’s website.

“We are so inspired by them and the support and the bravery of the women who share their stories with us, that they have helped us to realize that it is possible to live the lives we have always wanted,” Foster said.

“This is one of the most important documentaries I have ever made and one of the most important films I have ever done. It was more important to us than winning an Oscar,” Foster said. “I think it is important for

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