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Disney CEO Bob Iger will return to the board

Disney CEO Bob Iger will return to the board

In Hollywood stunner, Robert Iger returns to head Disney as Bob Chapek exits

Cindy McCain says she plans to vote for Disney CEO Bob Iger, who’s returning to his former position as chairman of the board after leaving his post as head of the company’s business operations. Disney confirmed the news with McCain’s backing on Monday, announcing that Iger will return to his duties at the board after he stepped down from that post.

“I am grateful to Bob Iger for his service and contributions to Disney, and hope he uses his return to the board as a time to get back to work and focus on what truly matters most as Walt Disney Co. moves closer to its next chapter and its next generation of storytelling.” McCain said in a statement.

Disney also confirmed that Iger will take the title of director of corporate communications, which will give him more clout at the company.

Iger’s return as chairman comes as Disney prepares to launch its highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+. The streamer is likely to be a huge boon for Disney’s bottom line, as well as for the company’s upcoming streaming and advertising rights to TV shows, movies, and other content that will be made available on the platform.

While Disney is one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, its chief operating officer, Bob Chapek, stepped down from his role as chairman of Disney’s business operations in 2017 after a rough year in which the entertainment giant’s stock dipped significantly amid declining profits.

According to ESPN, Iger will now be the highest-profile member of Disney’s board of directors, a position he has held for the past year.

“Bob is an extraordinary leader who has brought great success to Disney over the past 18 years, and I’m eager to return to serving with him to help guide our company’s next chapter and build its future in the digital era,” Disney COO and chairman Bob Iger said in a statement.

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