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How the Weather Will Impact Your Travel Plans

How the Weather Will Impact Your Travel Plans

Don’t get scammed this holiday season. Here’s what to watch out for in the U.S.

As the year winds down, it’s time to start planning the best of 2019, from travel to shopping to restaurants—but with your budget and family in mind. Here’s what you should consider before making New Year’s resolutions and spending your gifts.

How will the weather affect your travel plans?

While the U.S. weather can be unpredictable, there are a few things that will influence your travel plans.

The forecast:

The forecast is not always correct. Last year, a storm passed over the U.S., killing over 350 people and bringing rain and flooding that affected tens of millions of people in several states. Now, in 2019, the weather is more variable and unpredictable, with cold weather in the East and warm weather in the West.

The weather forecast is never right. You may have the right plans for your winter holidays, but you’ll want to make sure you’re going on trips that you can do without an air conditioner and a heater at home. If you have to get the air conditioning on in a few days of winter, you’d be crazy not to book the room. The same is true if you have a couple of days to spend at a family cottage in the country, or at a beach resort. Make sure you check out an air-conditioned hotel first, to make sure you won’t be stuck in the heat and humidity.

The weather affects your travel plans in two ways: weather-related delays and weather-related cancellations. Weather delays can occur when the weather makes travel or transportation too difficult for travelers to make the most of their trip. If you’re traveling from one state to another and you have your flight booked for Friday, and the weather forecast suggests it may snow on the morning of your flight, you may want to avoid traveling.

Weather delays happen to travelers all the time. As the year winds down, you may be traveling to an area of the country that’s been struck by a major snowstorm or hurricane. If you miss that flight, you won’t get an

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