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How to Reduce Body Temperature

How to Reduce Body Temperature

Stop touching your face! It could help you stay healthy this holiday season.

A study has found that touching a person’s face can reduce the risk for a cold.

Researchers suggest that the act of rubbing your eyes with your hand or with anything else could provide some relief from the symptoms.

The study included a series of tests to observe how it affects people’s body temperature.

As it turns out, touching one’s face actually can help bring down body temperature.

It can help people who have a fever, and may help them deal with a cold.

So, if you are sick, take this as an example: rub your forehead or use your hand to touch your cheek.

Researchers analyzed the effect of these various actions on people’s body temperature.

They discovered that such acts can reduce the spread of illness via a number of different mechanisms.

These mechanisms include increasing skin blood flow, which is something that can reduce a fever and reduce the body’s reaction to a cold.

This is based on research in the field of psychopharmacology by Dr. David Spiegelman, an associate professor of clinical psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, who was not involved with the study.

Dr. Spiegelman said:

“In response to inflammation, the vagus nerve in the brain can activate the immune system. Our research shows that the vagus nerve plays an important role in mediating such effects on body temperature and immune function.

“In particular, touching our face during an infection or a cold and using the back of the hand to massage our face could be a simple yet effective treatment to improve immune function in the face of infection.”

The study involved a series of experiments in which participants were given cold water.

They were exposed to the ice bath and the temperature of their bodies was measured.

Then, the first experiment involved exposing participants to a cold water spray.

This experiment tested how much their body temperature rose in response to the cold water spray.

The results revealed that touching a person’s face actually can help reduce their body temperature.

Dr. Spiegelman analyzed how much the participants’ body temperature rose after being exposed to the cold spray.

The findings revealed that participants who touched their face showed a 25% decrease in body temperature and a 7-percent drop in body temperature compared

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