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Jude Bellingham questions authorities’ responsibility towards black footballers after racist chanting incident

Jude Bellingham questions authorities' responsibility towards black footballers after racist chanting incident

‘Maybe we are alone’: Jude Bellingham questions whether authorities ‘care’ about racist abuse directed at Black footballers

Jude Bellingham has questioned the authorities’ responsibility towards black footballers after hearing racist chants directed at his team-mates.

The Wales and Spurs winger said he was left’shocked’ by the incident, first revealed by the Guardian on Friday, which also involved fellow Tottenham club-mate Aaron Lennon, with the abuse coming from a member of the North London club’s terrace.

The club have confirmed that they did not witness the incident – the club’s main stand was empty and there was no sign of trouble at the time.

But Bellingham said that he was’shocked’ by the incident.

‘They will come to the conclusion that they don’t have a problem because there was no trouble, but they don’t care about Black footballers because they have a problem with white footballers, not white people in general,’ he said.

‘Maybe we are alone in our ignorance. Maybe the authorities are on our side. I have to thank the police and the football security people for coming to my aid.

‘The club have been in touch with me and have let me know about the incident. I’m glad they have informed me but I have to say my reaction is as a person of colour I feel bad about what I went through, what could happen is what happened.’

Meanwhile, Bellingham has been left ‘angry and embarrassed’ by the racist chanting incident, adding his team-mates had apologised.

The 24-year-old Tottenham winger made a complaint to the Metropolitan Police in regards to the incident but, after an initial police investigation, no further action was taken.

Bellingham said he did not see the incident because ‘it happened on the North London club’s main pitch so it was empty’.

The 21-year-old Lennon was also a victim of the alleged abuse, but he did not report the incident to the police as he believed police would not take any action.

Bellingham also said he did not see Lennon being abused in the same way as his teammates were, adding Lennon’s friend was unaware of the alleged incident.

Both Bellingham and Lennon have since apologised for the incident.

‘It’s all my fault. I have to apologise to Aaron because I know he’s going to be frustrated with me for not reporting it,’ Bellingham said

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