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Los Angeles Fire Continues to Thrive

Los Angeles Fire Continues to Thrive

No emergency outages after Santa Ana winds prompted Southern California fire danger warnings

As the Santa Ana winds have continued to blow, Southern California has been experiencing severe fire danger, with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection cautioning that “fire activity may continue for days and may worsen as warm and dry conditions return and winds pick up strength.”

While winds had slowed, the fire danger remained high with flames jumping across multiple states, as strong winds pushed smoke from the Pacific Mountains to Los Angeles and Ventura counties, the L.A. Times reports.

The winds could also lead to blackouts and power failures in the Los Angeles metropolitan area if the fire continued on its present trajectory.

“The good news is that the fire is not threatening LA Area code 210,” said Cal Fire spokeswoman Janet Upton, L.A. Times reports. “The bad news is that the fire is now threatening all areas under the California Red Flag Warning.”

Southern California Edison (SCE), the region’s largest power provider, said it was already responding to about 1,600 rolling blackouts, according to L.A. Times.

The National Weather Service issued an updated weather outlook, forecasting “gusty Santa Ana Winds” to reach as far as northern Los Angeles County after midnight, the L.A. Times writes.

“The Santa Ana winds will continue to move east and make landfall late Tuesday into Wednesday,” the NWS predicted.

The NWS also warned that areas of the Los Angeles area could feel the effects as they had on Tuesday, with winds estimated to reach as high as 62 miles per hour.

“As of about 3 PM PDT, winds were pushing at 50 to 60 miles per hour with gusts estimated at about 70 miles per hour,” the weather service predicted. “The wind will be a factor with fire activity Monday and Tuesday.”

The NWS warned of damaging winds that could create significant damage to areas with high population density, such as downtown Los Angeles.

“Winds will increase the potential for flying debris and the potential for flight restriction,” according to the weather service.

After a weekend of strong winds in Southern California, California’s fire danger alert could change after the winds die down and the fire continues to

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