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Meredith Coleman, Tinder’s C.E.O. Takes a Stand on Texas Abortion Law

Meredith Coleman, Tinder’s C.E.O. Takes a Stand on Texas Abortion Law

Why the C.E.O. Behind and Tinder Took a Stand on the Texas Abortion Law

The former C.E.O. of and the current C.E.O. behind dating app Tinder both took a stance on the Texas abortion law earlier this week, and both are taking heat.

Meredith Coleman, the current C.E.O. of Tinder was one of the first to weigh in on the topic. In a post on Medium, the 29-year-old wrote,

We have been discussing the Texas abortion law with company leaders for nearly a year—and we think strongly in favor of a federal law that would protect the right to choose, and the right of every American to access safe, legal abortion. After hearing the Texas law in person from Texas representatives, I personally was moved to write a blog post last month about the very real, extremely tragic consequences the law would have for women and girls in Texas—and for their future, when they’re forced to travel to other states for an abortion. posted this video a few days after Coleman’s post, and was quick to come to the defense of women who have the right to safe, legal abortion. While Coleman is currently CEO of Tinder, she was previously a C.E.O. of dating app, and went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the past decade.

Meredith Coleman’s take on the Texas abortion law

Earlier this week, a new C.E.O. at, Meredith Coleman, penned an op-ed for the New York Times in defense of women’s right to safe, legal abortion.

Ms. Coleman wrote,

When a law in Texas would compel women to carry their pregnancies to term against their will, the law would punish a woman for exercising a fundamental right. And that is something we as a company, and

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