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Naver pulls the plug on Kanye West

Naver pulls the plug on Kanye West

Kanye West’s hits keep coming: Here are the companies that have cut ties with him

South Korean internet conglomerate Naver, which once reigned in music and entertainment, came under fire this week after pulling the plug on Kanye West.

Naver’s decision came even as the company was being credited by Billboard magazine for having one of the most influential voices on the country’s music scene.

“We will never support the music industry that bears the name of a fake name, a fraud, a villain or a madman,” Naver said in a statement released on Friday, according to Yonhap News.

“As of today, Mr. West has no place in our company.”

Naver did, however, say the decision “had nothing to do with the music industry’s decision to cancel his scheduled concert at one of our venues in Seoul.”

Naver didn’t specify which company was being targeted, noting in its statement that it’s a “private company with a wide range of business interests.”

In its statement, the company said West, who has been ranting about the state of the music industry on Twitter since the start of the summer, has a history of “insensitive comments and actions” and that he didn’t fit in with its core business. But it also noted that he has been a longtime Naver customer.

Kim Yoon-ji, president of the company responsible for releasing music videos for TV shows such as “Infinite Challenge” and “Running Man,” tweeted on Monday night saying, “We will never support [West’s] music and he will never have a place in our hearts.”

The South Korean government has taken steps to ensure that anti-government and anti-war protest videos don’t find their way onto YouTube.

The move by Naver follows another YouTube-related controversy this week, when the company told its hundreds of thousands of subscribers that it was taking down a video that included the lyrics “Fuck the police, they are the ones that should die.”

The video had been shared more than 9

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