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Patrice Evra faces a civil complaint over racially abused fans

Patrice Evra faces a civil complaint over racially abused fans

Patrice Evra speaks out on racist abuse and how to combat it, the worst part of his time at Arsenal, and his former Manchester United club

In his first interview since leaving Arsenal, former Manchester United star Patrice Evra has revealed the worst aspect of his time in North London and his worst moment during his time at Old Trafford.

Evra was a key member of the French side’s 2005 World Cup triumph, starring in the quarter final win over Germany, but has been embroiled in controversy after being accused of racism again.

After making a series of racist comments and posting tweets, Evra had his contract with the club cancelled in March 2016.

The Frenchman who scored a staggering 42 goals for Manchester United and was nicknamed the ‘Nigerian Prince’ by his supporters, now finds himself sitting in a French hospital bed.

He now faces a court case over his alleged use of racially motivated insults again while playing for Arsenal, during an altercation with West Ham fans after he was subbed out of last week’s 2-2 draw at home to Manchester City.

Patrice Evra in action with the French side during the World Cup

Evra, 37, is said to have apologised following the incident but is now facing a civil complaint from the fan club who say he was racially abused.

“I was surprised at how I was treated by fans at the match,” said Evra.

“There was a group of West Ham fans that invaded the stadium with a banner, shouting racist abuse at me for which I have apologised. I wasn’t there to fight with West Ham fans, I was there with my national team, my club.

“But it was unfair, disrespectful and I have no excuse to say that I won’t continue to apologise on behalf of all black people and all people who are discriminated against.

“The fans can be very, very rude, but that’s it. I’m

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