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Rodrigo R. Duterte’s victory marks a milestone for the Philippines

Rodrigo R. Duterte's victory marks a milestone for the Philippines

World’s longest-ruling leader looks set to secure new term after 43 years in power

The 76-year-old is expected to have a big majority in parliament after a campaign that saw millions of Filipinos cast their ballots

The Philippines will have an incumbent president for the fourth time in nine years after millions of people voted for Rodrigo R. Duterte as the next president on Sunday.

Thousands of Mr Duterte’s supporters held huge rallies to mark the historic ballot.

“It is one of the greatest days in our country’s history. My family, my relatives, my friends came out, they fought for me,” Mr R. Duterte said at a rally in Manila.

“I have faith that we will become a great country.”

Mr Duterte’s victory was a milestone for the Philippines and for Asia, where he will become the world’s longest-serving foreign leader. It capped a dramatic rise in politics that began when he vowed to “clean up” the city of Manila and turn it into a new model of a modern city.

“We will work together as never before. We all have a share in each other’s success,” he said in his victory speech.

“In our country, in our country today, there is corruption everywhere, there is greed everywhere, there is greed everywhere.”

Voter turnout was the highest ever for any election, with 92.3% of voters turning up at polling booths on Sunday.

The opposition, headed by a dissident senator who has been jailed as part of anti-corruption crackdowns, boycotted the vote.

Despite the turnout, Mr Duterte’s narrow victory will help consolidate his power, which is supported by his party, his business allies, and the Catholic Church.

But the president-elect is still facing one challenge.

President Duterte has said he would step down if he loses an upcoming vote on a contentious constitutional reform package

He has said he will step down if he loses an upcoming vote on a contentious constitutional reform package, which is expected

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