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The Beatles’ First Resort on Longboat Key

The Beatles’ First Resort on Longboat Key

Miami Beach Hotel That Hosted the Beatles Is Demolished to Rebuild It as a Supermarket

Before the Beatles were even considered a contender in the music business, their manager, Brian Epstein, had visions of a new world concert venue in southern Florida. During the fifties, Florida was beginning to show signs of urban sprawl, with Florida Avenue being one of the main arteries of development. Epstein wanted Florida to be more than just a bedroom community and thought it was a place where the world’s celebrities could perform for their American fans. As an idea, it seemed perfect.

The Beatles, however, had other ideas. Epstein was only interested in the business side of the entertainment industry. When Epstein heard about the new resort on Longboat Key in 1966, he realized he had stumbled upon a great opportunity.

“Before long, the Beatles were playing in Miami Beach,” Epstein said, according to a story in The Sun Sentinel. “And then they moved to Miami.”

It wasn’t just that Epstein was on his way to a life-changing opportunity — Miami Beach was where he was from after all. It was also where the Beatles would play their first shows. And, while it didn’t start out the way Epstein had hoped, the town grew to become home to the Beatles.

“This is the world’s greatest opportunity,” Epstein said, according to The Sun Sentinel. “I want to make the world a better place — to put more people in this world, and more people who will live better.”

The resort Epstein wanted on Longboat Key was for sale, but Epstein had his eye on a bigger project. It was the largest hotel Epstein had ever had any interest in, and it would be a landmark in the world of entertainment. It would be a place where great artists like the Beatles could perform. It would be a place where the world’s biggest musical bands could play to sell out audiences. Epstein, however, would make some changes along the way, and this was just the start.

Epstein and Miami Beach hotel manager Donald Bellamy saw a need for two hotels that would combine entertainment, dining, and retail. It was not an original idea

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