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The Biggest Wall Street Stakes and How They’re Buying Them |

The Biggest Wall Street Stakes and How They're Buying Them |

A Wall Street Banker Turned to Comedy for Happiness and a Career Change | In a world where Wall Street isn’t loved anymore, a comedian has decided that if he had to choose between doing stand-up, or going back to work for a big financial firm, the funnyman would choose comedy.

Weird and Wonderful People From History | In a world where many people think we live in an idyllic bubble of idealism, when it comes to history’s weird, wonderful, and downright weird people, we don’t always know it.

Huge Wall Street Paychecks | The average compensation of the top 100 CEOs of publicly traded companies has increased by a jaw-dropping $611,000 in the last five years.

The Realities of Big Wall Street Wealth | When it comes to what you can save with your money, the top 3 U.S. mutual fund managers actually own about as much as all other Americans. And that’s not counting people who don’t even realize they have money to save.

Banks’ Biggest Stakes and How They’re Buying Them | It’s not uncommon for Wall Street to take a stake in a stock or bond it holds. But what happens when that stock or bond becomes a major company?

How Wall Street Is Buying American Financial Stocks | The number of stock-trading days per year in the United States hit a record last year, and it’s getting longer. To be sure, many of the biggest Wall Street buyers are taking advantage of tax benefits and market conditions to buy shares of companies they’ve admired for years.

How Banks Are Buying Securities of Major Companies | To see how banks take stakes in companies, you need look no further than the top of this month’s headlines. In March, the biggest stock buyback in U.S. history was announced by Wells Fargo. In June, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase both purchased stakes in Wells Fargo. Bank of America bought a big stake in Morgan Stanley in June and Goldman Sachs bought a stake in Goldman Sachs in April.

Why Wall Street Is Buying Companies | The biggest Wall Street firms aren’t just buying stocks; they’re also buying companies’ bonds and other debt instruments.

Big Buybacks Could Make Banks

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