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The City of Toronto’s COVID-19 Response Plan

The City of Toronto’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Toronto Public Health vice-chair questions city’s COVID-19 policy

Last month, Toronto Public Health vice-chair, Yael Hochberg, questioned the City of Toronto’s COVID-19 policy, saying it was being “very restrictive and very narrow” and that there was “a lot of fear and uncertainty.”

At a recent City staff report, on how to mitigate any second wave of the virus, Toronto Public Health vice-chair, Yael Hochberg, said that this is “not a time when you can be very restrictive. This is a time for leadership.”

It’s also a time for the public health community to do its part to help and guide Toronto to a possible second wave of the virus.

That guidance comes from the Canadian Infectious Diseases Society of Toronto (CIDS-TO) which says it is “in this uncertain period, we all need to demonstrate that we are prepared. It’s time to take action.”

Hochberg expressed concern about Toronto’s COVID-19 “policy” saying, “I understand where you’re coming from.” But she added that “I think more can be done…to ensure we build enough public health capacity.”

Included in this statement were steps that the public health community can take to build “enough” public health capacity, including building on the work of COVID-19 response teams and working with the municipal government to develop a more detailed policy.

She also said it’s important to recognize that “we’re all working on the same goal right now: the safety of the public.”

And the city’s COVID-19 policy already has a plan in place.

Included on the city’s COVID-19 response plan are five recommended actions that can be taken to keep the public as safe as possible, including:

Implementing a “No Mass gatherings” policy.

Installing temperature screening.

Implementing physical distancing.

Providing guidance

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