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The Problem With Local Elections

The Problem With Local Elections

Letters to the Editor: Too stressful. Too long. How did elections get this way? The public is getting tired of all the campaign hype now and how hard it is to find out why the candidates are for or against something. How about we get some information up front about what you can expect to get at the local and state levels?

Let’s take a quick look at some of those candidates for local elections. I live in a congressional district where the incumbent Democrat (from the other party) is retiring and will be replaced by an independent from the other party who is running for the same office. That’s not good.

What I can see from looking at the district is that there is a strong group of Republicans in the district, and a lot of people are upset by the Democratic candidate for the House seat being replaced by an independent who does not agree with our values.

I have talked with a number of people who are upset about all the campaign stuff and are confused by what they think the candidates really stand for. They are really excited about the Republican group for local elections because they already know how they will vote, and they are frustrated that the Democratic candidate has not been told what he is up against.

One thing is clear, however, and that is when they are told what the candidates stand for, they are all for it and will vote with them. The only problem is that when they find out that not one candidate is really representing their values on any issue, they find it extremely difficult to make up their minds about who should represent them in Congress since they are all so similar.

If a legislator were to do something which the voters didn’t agree with, they would run for the House seat they held. No one would hold grudges against them even though they are running against the same person in their next election. But a congressman from the same district or another state would go out of their way to find out what the voters want before they hold a campaign rally. Then they would listen to the voters concerns about issues and decide to vote accordingly.

So please, voters, let’s get the candidates in line and let’s not have to hear them tell us they are “for” or “against” something they really aren�

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