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The Ravens’ Week 1 Outburst Wasn’t a Fluke

The Ravens’ Week 1 Outburst Wasn’t a Fluke

N.F.L. Week 11 Predictions: Our Picks for Each Game

By Michael Tarrant

It’s a new season in the N.F.L., but that doesn’t mean the results of past week’s games suddenly mean little. The past three N.F.C. championship games have been decided by scores of 17-16, 17-14, and 24-20. The Jets’ defense has improved a tad this year, and the Ravens’ offense has taken quite a tumble, but the Jets have become a scary, dangerous team. But who’s to say that the Ravens’ offensive outburst in week 1 is a fluke?

N.F.C. playoff predictions:

Ravens: If anything, the Ravens made a statement about their offense in the first half against the Saints, and it didn’t look good. If the game were played today, the Ravens wouldn’t have scored more than 20 points in the second half. But they could have — and still could have — and they didn’t. The Ravens still have a few questions to answer about their roster — in particular, their QB situation. If they want to continue pushing the N.F.L. as a threat next year (or even this year), they can’t afford to have Joe Flacco get hurt.

Jets: This game can be decided by a few plays — and the Jets were on their way to scoring touchdowns on all three of their drives against the Chargers. But the Jets scored twice on those drives. The other drive came off of two plays in which Matt Simms and Darnell Dinkins combined for a pick-six. Those two plays led to two touchdowns. It’s pretty clear that the offense can be far more dangerous when it has those two guys involved, but what’s less clear is whether the defense can do more to contain the Jets’ talented receivers.

Chiefs: If the Chiefs decided to

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