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The Road to Work

The Road to Work

Adventures of biking from London to Lagos

Thursday, April 28, 2018

If you live here in the UK you might remember the London Olympics, where we were all entertained by the amazing shows on the Big Screen in the Olympic Stadium. For most of us it was another night out, but that’s not the reality for many who live in the developing world where the infrastructure of such sports events are yet to be seen.

A lot of work has been done and we’ve done it ourselves with the aid of a bike.

While my husband and I have been travelling internationally to work for some years now we still had to cycle to get from our home to our daily jobs. It still took awhile to get used to and I still think about it quite often. We needed to get used to the idea that getting there (or back) by bicycle was going to be the only way we would be able to reach our destination. We also had to come to a place where we could cycle all day and never stop to rest or eat, or just take a break. If you live in the city and are not accustomed to biking all day long you might feel a bit like you ‘are on a bike’ and get quite addicted to the idea, although you still have to push yourself to get anywhere!

In the UK you have the option of riding on the roads (as well as some bus and train) with a good bike, the bike lanes are there for you, but it is still a little scary at times. In Nigeria we had two options. The roads and the tracks were wide enough and well maintained, so we really enjoyed those. Unfortunately in many places the tracks are no longer there and we had to use the road to get to the station, which is only a few minutes by foot. In Lagos the roads were quite narrow and we had to get in the car to get to the city centre. This did not give us much time to explore the city.

Even now, when I ride on the lanes with my bike and cycle from London to Lagos, I still get stopped at times by

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