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The Story Line of the Buckeyes-Penn State Game

The Story Line of the Buckeyes-Penn State Game

Ohio State Over Powers Penn State

The biggest question of the Buckeyes’ win is what will happen to Ohio State’s best wide receiver? A little more than two weeks ago, Brandon Minor showed he could be a difference-maker.

When the Ohio State-Penn State game is over, Brandon Minor is no longer an Ohio State player. When the Ohio State-Penn State game is over, Brandon Minor is going to be at the top of the depth chart at receiver and maybe even in the starting lineup.

The reason is simple and it’s also a bit of a mystery. In two weeks, Minor showed he could, maybe, make a difference on special teams. Then came a few more big plays and the world of difference-makers began to look a little different.

Minor wasn’t the biggest wideout at the position — at 6-foot-3, 202 pounds, he’s not the biggest guy on the team and certainly not the biggest who can make plays — but he had the ability to make big plays on special teams by doing a little bit of everything.

He used his feet to get separation and then he threw a strike to an open receiver. He dropped catches over the middle and then he was a good red zone weapon by catching passes out of double coverage.

So it’s worth remembering the story line for this season, because it’s a story that Ohio State fans won’t soon forget.

The story line for the two teams in this game isn’t about a game between the two best teams in college football, or even about just one player. The story line is about how special teams can be a way to change the whole outlook and the way a team can play.

In the case of the Buckeyes, it wasn’t just Minor. It wasn’t Penn State doing anything right.

No, it was about the fact that Ohio State wasn’t good enough to do what Minor did on special teams by the end of the game.

And that’s a key

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