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Weather Forecasts for Southern California

Weather Forecasts for Southern California

L.A. County remains dry, most of Southern California avoids Northern California storm system

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Southern California is being deluged by rain from an approaching storm system. Heavy rains are going to keep pounding Southern California into the weekend.

The National Weather Service is saying that this storm system will track through the day, bringing heavy rain and a slight chance of rain to the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. The Storm Prediction Center says that the heavy rain will move east over the weekend, possibly causing some flooding at times.

The NWS says this is a good weather to avoid, and that the Southern California region should get most of the rain. The last time it was that dry in recent memory was in 2007, when we had a much stronger system that tracked into the San Joaquin Valley.

It is still a little warmer than the Central Sierra, the region’s traditional weather generator. The San Joaquin Valley is usually cold and snowbound, which creates some pretty decent moisture. We have had a few record snowfall days this year, including a February 23 that was the fifth snowiest on record.

The National Weather Service warns people to pay attention to the forecasts, especially those that predict rain. It may seem like a little rain, but there are rain squalls that can last for several hours, and the storms can come in so quick that you don’t even have time to react. We had an unusual rain-squall storm that lasted a little over an hour at our house in January.

The rain is likely to continue until about 11am tomorrow in the Southern California area, and in parts of Northern California.

We have had a lot of rain already this week. Today it has been a little more than a half inch, and it is expected to peak tomorrow morning. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warnings for much of Southern California as the storms move east later today.

The rains have fallen since Saturday night. There have been some spots where we have had quite a bit of rain, and others where we have gotten a little bit. The

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