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Why Harris Faulkner is a Disgusting Human Being

Why Harris Faulkner is a Disgusting Human Being

Why this ‘Fox & Friends’ co-host is grateful his wife went to get new sunglasses

A Fox & Friends chyron reads: ‘Fox News’ co-hosts are grateful for their wives…and for that, we think they should be given a shout-out.

But the co-host of the morning show is very happy about what made his wife “the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen.” That’s why he called his wife a “beautiful human being,” not because he considers her unattractive.

This is the Fox & Friends episode in which host Harris Faulkner told his co-host and wife, his boss at Fox News, Kelly and their boss at Fox Business, Peter, that his wife decided it would be better for the family to get new sunglasses.

Peter didn’t care that his wife was “looking sharp.” After all, he wasn’t saying to his wife, “How do you keep looking so beautiful?”

He was just being a helpful and supportive husband.

But Kelly was not impressed. She thought: “You are a disgusting human being for putting my wife before your own good health.”

For the record, her husband doesn’t put his wife first, and he did not offer his excuse for not showing up on time for work that afternoon in order to show off her sunglasses.

So instead, Peter offered his excuse, while Fox News went after him: “You should have been on time and you should have been showing. You should have made it to work.”

And that’s where we get to the issue at hand.

When Peter offered his excuse, Fox News went straight after the man, while ignoring his wife. Kelly was left out of the loop.

But, as we explain in part one, Harris Faulkner is not a “co-host” of the Fox & Friends morning show. Neither is Peter nor his wife, who appear on Fox News as guests, commentators and guests.

Harris Faulkner’s co-hosts are, in fact, Fox News personalities Sean Hannity, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, who appear as guests and commentators on the Fox News morning show, and on Fox

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