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The Beaches in Santa Monica

The Beaches in Santa Monica

Southern California serving hot Santa Ana winds for Thanksgiving weekend…in fact, we need a new blog name.

Now that it’s November, this is what happens: The South County sun is out, and so is the Santa Ana winds. The heat index is about 100 degrees, which is close to a direct fire hazard in Los Angeles, so we need to be prepared to go out. We’re in the South Bay, home of the beaches, and home to much of Los Angeles Harbor and the Pacific Ocean, so we’ve got lots of reasons to swim or take a bike ride or sunbathe. My friend is flying in from Austin today, and we’re heading to San Diego to visit a family for the weekend. It’s going to be another glorious San Diego day, so we’re packing a cooler to take with us. It’s already packed full of water bottles, snacks, juice, coffee, and other goodies we’ve collected over the years. There’s also a cooler filled with ice packed down in cases, ready to be used for a quick snack for either bike ride or sunbathe. My friend is traveling with a friend who also hates sitting by the pool when the temperature is 90 degrees in the shade, and also hates getting water in his ears from the pool jets. We can do what we do best, though. We always have a cooler full of fun stuff with us, and we can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it.

I’ve spent the last few weeks at the beach in Santa Monica, getting more and more excited about the ocean. I never tire of being near it, and the only thing that makes the beach more lovely for me is when I actually stop to admire the view in the early morning, in the middle of the day, in the late afternoon, in the late evening, or just at dusk — just to let the sun wash over the sand and the waves and the cliffs and the sea and the people and the trees and the birds and the beach grass. It’s so inspiring that I can’t help but take

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