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The State Department is Helping China

The State Department is Helping China

TUCKER CARLSON: Apple is now an active collaborator with China’s murderous police state. The Chinese National Radio and Television Corporation is Apple’s third-largest shareholder.

And while the company is headquartered in California, it now has a very important office in Beijing, where all of the top-secret Chinese officials now work.

As this is happening, the U.S. State Department is also quietly helping to build the infrastructure in China to serve the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese dictators.

In the past few years, the State Department has approved billions of dollars for Chinese investment in roads, railways, water and mining, all to serve Chinese industries. It has also given $400 million in grants for Chinese universities, in an effort to build up the Communist Party’s elite cadre force of China specialists.

On behalf of the Obama Administration, I am helping to coordinate the State Department’s new China-focused Office of International Religious Freedom.

And my own administration is also stepping back from this vital role, by outsourcing its religious freedom policy to the Department of State’s Office of the United States Global AIDS Coordinator.

The State Department, however, is not the only government that is quietly helping China.

China is building a new space force, with the aim of using it to dominate the skies of Asia. And it is seeking to gain access to a billion dollars of Chinese-government military technology with help from the U.S. military.

In addition, China is working with the NSA, to build a secret space warfare force in the skies of East Asia.

All of these projects are designed to help China’s ruling Communist Party to gain unfettered access to our most critical national security secrets.

And the Chinese government is now engaged in an audacious attempt to infiltrate the very heart of our intelligence agencies.

We know that China is trying to recruit a Chinese spy ring inside the U.S. intelligence community. And our own intelligence agencies know that China is trying to recruit spies to get inside U.S. military communications systems.

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